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In-House Training

Since 1978, our training courses have undergone continuous updates to keep pace with the ever-changing material handling industry.

Our instructors attend factory training sessions on a regular basis and are ASE certified. Training is available at the customer location as well as at Virginia Forklift.

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We offer our customers factory training in English and Spanish in:

  • Lift Truck Operator Training.
  • "Train the Trainer" Programs.
  • Internal Combustion Truck Tech Training.
  • Electric Truck Tech Training.
  • Lift Truck Pedestrian Training.
  • Various One , Three and Five Day Clinics.
  • Customized Courses.
  • Aerial Work Platform Tech Training.
  • Aerial Work Platform Operator Training.

Technical Training

The internal combustion engines used in fork lift trucks have evolved at about the same accelerated pace as those used in automobiles. Maintenance departments need, up to date training, in order to keep pace with the equipment. Our training department stays abreast of the changes in the market place in order to provide, you the customer, with state of the art techniques and training.

Internal Combustion Trucks

Covers the full line of Electric Lift Trucks

The emphasis is on electrical system theory and troubleshooting. The course covers component I.D./location and repair procedures.

Course Topics

  • Basic Electricity Theory.
  • How to use a VOM to troubleshoot electrical circuits.
  • Series and parallel circuits.
  • How an SCR works.
  • EV-1, EV-100, EV-100LX and EV-T100ZX theory and operation.
  • Component I.D. and location.
  • Control and power circuit build-up.
  • Troubleshooting tips and techniques.
  • Using the LX Handset.
  • Reading wiring diagrams.
  • Hands-on in our lab.

Aerial Work Platform Troubleshooting & Repair

This is a two day seminar covering all the essential elements necessary for a technician to be able to diagnose and repair problems related to aerial work platforms. We also cover annual inspections, in accordance with ANSI guidelines. Classroom time is reinforced by hands-on training on aerial platforms available at our facility. Students are trained in the safe operation of aerial work platforms as well.

One, two and five day technical seminars

We offer a full selection of one, two and five day clinics on subjects ranging from basic electricity and fuel systems to SCR electric truck controls, electronic fuel systems, electronic ignition systems and hydraulic systems and micro-processor driven trucks.

Operator Training

Each of our courses is OSHA compliant and gives the operator an in-depth knowledge of safe operating practices.

Sit-down rider counter balanced units

This course is OSHA compliant and includes an "on-site" evaluation by our instructor.

3 hours classroom
2 hours "hands-on" training

Narrow Aisle Lift Truck Operator Safety Class

Narrow Aisle Units Include: Reach Trucks, Order Pickers, Stand-up Rider Counter Balance, Walk Behind, Rider Pallet Trucks and Turret Trucks.

This course is also OSHA compliant and includes an "0n-site" visit by our instructor. This course is a complete guide to the Narrow Aisle electric truck field.

8 hour day:
4 hours classroom
3 hours "hands-on" training
1 hour lunch recess

Lift Truck Pedestrian Training Course

Safety awareness is everyone's responsibility. This course is designed for anyone who works around lift trucks, be they operator, supervisor or the plant manager. We explain safety procedures and precautions that need to be taken around all material handling equipment.

1.5 hours classroom
0.5 hour walk through plant

Aerial Work Platform Operator Safety Class

This course covers the different features and functions of an aerial work platform. Students spend a great deal of hands-on time on the equipment available. ANSI requirements are covered in detail with emphasis on SAFETY. This course can also be conducted at your site, with your equipment!

Train The Trainer

This course is designed is designed to help our customers move into the 21st century with existing in-house operator training programs. We will also help you establish an operator program where one doesn't exist. We explain exactly what you need to become OSHA compliant and even assist you on-site.

Train The Trainer Course

Our two day course covers all of the OSHA regulations you need to understand and adhere to, in order to be in full compliance. Classroom setup and preparation are among the many topics covered by our instructors. Sit down rider and narrow aisle trucks are both covered by this course. Upon completion of this course, our instructors will assist you, at your location, to totally set up an operator training course, right down to the opening comments of your first classroom session.

Two day course

Each "Train the Trainer" course covers the following subjects:

  • Purpose of the course.
  • Course presentation.
  • How to put together an outline.
  • Planning the presentation.
  • Physical preparations.
  • Welcoming the student or students.
  • Objectives and how to present them.
  • Tips for teaching.
  • Teaching aides and how to use them.
  • Testing and grading procedures.
  • Course evaluations.
  • The Benefits of Operator Training.
  • O.S.H.A.
  • The Components of a Lift Truck.
  • The Operating Controls of a Lift Truck.
  • The Characteristics of a Lift Truck.
  • The Speed of a Lift Truck.
  • Data Plates and Decals.
  • Safety Equipment.
  • Handling Gasoline, Diesel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (L.P.G.).
  • Battery Power and Lift Trucks.
  • The Fundamentals of Lift Truck Operation.
  • Operating Lift Trucks in confined areas.
  • The Operator's Daily Inspection.
  • How to conduct hands-on training for Lift Truck Operators.
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